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Master the Art of Cooking & Baking with Marley Spoon

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I have been a chef since past thirteen years, not in any great and fancy restaurant but in a kitchen which is all owned by me and keeps all those people happy who are the permanent resident of the place. To me the idea of pleasing my customer is greater than anything in the world. Being a chef was a dream of mine but due to sever responsibilities I was not able to take care of it. Making new dishes was what I aimed at which was a breeze of joy which I try to bring in my surrounding. To make this task of mine an easier Marley Spoon promo codes kept on assisting me in every way possible.

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My kitchen is the only place which I asked my husband to make it come to life as I wanted it. The bright colors, all useful utensils, fancy equipment for baking, roasting, grilling and cooking were part of my kitchen. Even I emphasized more on the cutlery and crockery which was as per the food I cooked. This was the only hobby I opted for after looking after my familia. To me trying out something new meant being in a festive mode. I recently tried the perfect Asian cuisine having its origin from Malaysia – Kari Ayam style with lentil, tomato and cucumber salad along with the lamb and chickpea salad assisted by caper and chilli sauce. The recipes were provided by the store which along with ingredients helped me in preparing something new.

I enjoyed a lot while baking and frosting the delicious cakes and pastries. All this good time was just with the help of Marley Spoon discounts which made me avail all those ingredients which I would have spent a lot of time searching for if I would have gone for physical grocery shopping.



My have a rack which is filled with the recipe cards which keeps on coming with the grocery box. This great measure taken by the store has made all the food lover be more close to the world around them with or without travelling to far off places.

It’s been long time my family has even asked for dining out as they know that their chef mom while keep on entertaining them with the great chef cap on.


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